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Women's Intro to Moon Center Teachings


Led by Liv Anand Kaur

An ancient kundalini teaching that will enhance every woman's life!

As a woman you know that you are constantly ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning. You are a dynamic, powerful and multifaceted being that is highly intuitive, creative and powerful. What you may not know, is that alongside the ever-changing cycles of the moon, and your monthly menstrual cycle and/or hormonal shifts, you also have 11 MOON CENTERS; Each one enhancing a unique set of qualities within you.

The moon centers are located in different parts of your body and energy moves from one lunar center to another every 2 1/2 days. This means every 2 1/2 days you are working with a completely different energy. Intuitively you know this.

Every woman’s moon center constellation is unique to her and stays the same throughout her lifetime. The energy flows from one moon center to another in a different configuration than another woman’s.

We will explore the different qualities of each moon center and learn how to map the pathway as the energy moves within your body.  With this understanding you will gain insight into how to optimize the emotional and energetic frequencies you are experiencing and expressing.  You will learn to work with these energies throughout the day, rather than against them.

*Bring a journal and pen

$40 / $32 with LIV Membership

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