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Dancing the Dharma ~ Shiva & Shakti in Divine Motion


Led by Elizabeth Jezorski

The essence of Shiva is the Divine Masculine: alert, penetrating, linear. Shakti is the Divine Feminine: attuned, receptive, cyclical. Each of us contains Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within the framework of our human psyches. 

These polarities are archetypes of consciousness that exist in Divine Balance within all of nature. This is the Dharma. 

When these polarities are balanced within ourselves, we experience wholeness, peace, and alignment. We live as sovereign and powerful individuals. When out of balance, life is a rollercoaster. We seek others to fulfill us and often spin our wheels in unproductive circles and patterns.

When we learn to Dance the Dharma, we free ourselves from this lonely polarization and return to center and to wholeness. 

In this 3-hour dance and movement workshop, we will explore the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within our own bodies. 

Through this exploration, you will:

•Explore your personal identifications to aspects of these sacred polarities.

 •Learn how to access your own Masculine and Feminine potentialities when needed. 

•Discover balance within yourself and thus a foundation for a successful, healthy life. 

This workshop will be fun, deep and exploratory. You will learn about yourself, your relationships and the archetypal world around you. You do not need to have any experience or be a “dancer” to benefit from this experience.

Dress comfortably and be ready to dance! 

Elizabeth Jezorski is a spiritual healer and coach, astrologer, and yogini living on the coast Maine with her beloved husband and three children. She owns and facilitates Wild Embodiment, an up-and-coming center for the expansion of consciousness, depth-healing and expression of the Wild Soul. In this space, Liz acts as Midwife for the Soul, helping her clients move beyond the victim story and reclaim their essential being.

Liz is currently accepting new clients for astrology readings and ongoing soul-centered life coaching. Her work combines dance and movement, with meditation and depth psychology to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness that resolve wounds at the root. 

To learn more about her work, please find her on Facebook and visit her website:

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