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A Women's Ceremony ~ Reclaim your Intuition


Led by Liv Anand Kaur & Heather Nichols

A lot of our pre-conditioning and programming as children forced us to disconnect from our intuition in order to do you certain things, in certain ways, at certain times that were asked or required of us by our parents, teachers, and peers that did not necessarily feel like the right thing for us to do. 

Going against our internal compass created a disconnect that most of us are still working to heal. Healing this disconnect is important so that we can distinguish intuition from fear and allow our empathic nature to be a gift instead of a burden.

A woman’s intuition and empathic nature is one of her greatest assets and gifts to herself and to the world, when honed, owned and harnessed.

We will be working primarily on the third eye and the crown chakras to reconnect to the wisdom and the knowing that always is living inside of us.

We will be utilizing amethyst and the energetic properties that it holds to amplify the power of our inner knowing!

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