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Chakra Meditation & Essential Oils


Led by Kara Seymour

You have  both a physical body as well as an energy body and both are equally important in the way that you pay attention to them, honor them and take care of them. Part of your energy body includes the eight major chakras/energy centers, each one relates to different physical parts of your body and energetic/emotional qualities of your being. When the chakras are clear and aligned and when your emotions are honored and processed in a healthy way, your body-mind system does what it is naturally designed to do… Heal itself.

In this class you will be guided through a 45 minute chakra meditation to help release heavy energy and find alignment in your energy body with breathe, intention and the support of dōTERRA essential oils. 

Prior to the meditation you will be introduced to dōTERRA essential oils, talk about what essential oils are, the integrity behind how and where dōTERRA sources their oils, how these oils support the physical and energetic bodies and how to easily get these oils in your home to support the health and well-being of you and your family and your spiritual practice.

No prior meditation experience to everyone!

Bring along your friends and family who are looking for more natural, effective, safe and affordable ways to support their health.

$5 a person

Later Event: February 23
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