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Rebirthing ~ a Kundalini Workshop to Release Pain & Fear


Led by Satpal Kaur

"The idea of rebirthing is to release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery."

Join us for an experience of deep subconscious cleansing. We will be practicing 12th Kriya, Unloading Your Pain & Fear Part One. Yogi Bhajan blessed us with thirty-one Rebirthing teachings. They all utilize the power of breathwork, movement, mantra, mudra, and meditation to permeate the psyche, cleanse the entire system and strengthen the nerves. This class will include a deep relaxation to the sound of the gong. No prior experience is necessary. In fact, beginners are very much encouraged.

Heal the pain of the past and overcome the obstacles which keep you from living your best life - awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose.

We will also practice Mahan Jaap, which is a 31 minute mantra meditation using the Panj Shabd, Sa Ta Na Ma which means, Infinity, Existence, Transformation, Rebirth. Mahan Jaap uses the energy of the group to reach a higher state of consciousness. An individual participating in this meditation will have their efforts multiplied by the number of recitations, and again multiplied by the number of people chanting. The result is then squared, expanding the effect even further. Participants can achieve the benefits of years worth of meditative practice in a short period of time.

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