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Activate your Radiant Body Immersion

A Kundalini Yoga Immersion

In Studio and/or Livestream

Led by Kara Seymour

Included in this program is a 4 hour Kundalini Yoga Immersion followed by a 40 day practice with Kara to guide you and the power of a Sangat (spiritual community) to support and inspire you.


4 hour Immersion - Saturday January 5th 1-5pm on the NEW MOON

40 Day Practice January 5th - February 13th

BONUS: Lunar Eclipse Special Event - January 20th 2-4pm

In kundalini yoga we are working with a 10 body system. The 10th body is the Radiant Body. When your Radiant Body is activated you naturally magnetize what you need in order to fulfill your highest destiny. The right people, the right opportunities and the flow of abundance finds you.

When your Radiant Body is weak, you find yourself in all sorts of situations pulling you off of your destiny path. Life is difficult, you lack energy and manifesting what you need or want becomes an extreme challenge.


“It’s the little things you do everyday that make a big difference, not the things you do once in awhile.” - unknown

Your life is made up of many habits. Some of which are aligned to your destiny path and promote health, love, growth & prosperity and many of which are doing the exact opposite.

No matter how old and deeply ingrained your destructive habits may be, you can transform them and create new patterns through the practice and technology of Kundalini Yoga.

Yogi Bhajan said it takes 40 days to break a habit (and potentially more depending on how long and strong this habit has been active for you).

And YES... it will take work, consistency, determination and time. In other words, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE.


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is an accelerated process of healing and a transportation system that takes you from one location to another. These are practical and effective teachings and tools to help you navigate this modern world with more grit, grace and authenticity.

Kundalini Yoga is comprised of meditations, kriyas (yogic exercises), mantras (chanting), pranayams (breathwork), mudras (hand positions), and bandhas (body locks/seals). Made up of thousands of meditations and kryias, this is a highly customizable yoga. Regardless of how much time you have to practice on any given day, the physical space that is available to you, or the current conditions of your body and mind, anyone can practice Kundalini Yoga.

With a consistent practice, you naturally create and command greater vitality, tap into your creative genius and have more energy and motivation to take action to achieve your goals and dreams and live a deeply fulfilling life.


Thinking clearer and more creatively

Feeling stronger, healthier and more vibrant

Looking more radiant and youthful

Living and working with more purpose

Loving and Relating with greater ease and joy

All of this is possible. In fact, all of this is inevitable.  But the not so secret secret is that you have to do the practice.


*4 hour Radiant Body Immersion at LIV or you can join us online

*Recording of the 4 hour Immersion

*A 40 Day meditation practice to activate the Radiant Body led by Kara

*Monday-Friday from 8:30-9am est Kara will lead the meditation, you can come to the studio or join us through Facebook Live in our Facebook group

*Recordings of the daily meditation videos with Q&A

*Private Facebook Group

*Sangat (Spiritual Community)

*Accountability Partners

*Recommended Mantras to learn & listen to to elevate your mindstream & activate your Radiant Body

*Sadhana (spiritual practice) Strategy to set help set you up for success and get the most out of the immersion

*BONUS - Lunar Eclipse Kundalini Workshop on Sunday January 20th at LIV or livestream in our Facebook Group

If you say yes to this immersion, get ready for change and a bigger experience of yourSELF.

Investment in YOU - $250

-You will have access to the recordings and content for 6 months

-No Refunds

This photo is of my friend Christina Nicole and her Radiant Body


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