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Yin Yoga & Meditation ~ Holiday Decompressor

Led by Jen Micoleau

Decompress in the midst of the busy holiday season.
Gain immediate access to your internal power through the deep centering and grounding of Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation.

When you are have spent time listening to your Self, you learn to trust your Self. You are better able manage the unavoidable and unexpected slick spots along your path–whether an icy sidewalk or an old family struggle. Physically, this class will target your most tense areas: shoulders, back and hips. Mentally, this class will slow down your scattered mind and settle the many moving parts.

This two hour class aims to bring calm and peace of mind through single pointed focus and concentration on sensation and intentional breathing. You will leave feeling fully relaxed, fully embodied, and ready to begin anew with fresh perspective.

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga opens your heart to the understanding that you are your best teacher.

This quiet, introspective practice offers you a break from your active, busy, running-around-like-mad life style. Enjoy luxuriating in passive, restful postures where time and space are provided to you to encourage breath awareness and connection to your body. Within the stillness you uncover a deeper understanding of your body's tension holding patterns and how to assist them in unwinding. This happens in real time, which encourages the fast-talking "monkey mind" to soften into the background, its interest captured by the present moment.

Expect to feel in this class; it is not restorative. The purpose is to move the body into deep sensation without approaching pain. Find your edge and sit in it. Be curious about it. Watch it. Be in the process of discovery. Listen, allow, surrender into what is. And most of all, learn to be compassionate and friendly toward this process.

$40 or $32 with LIV Membership

Pre-Registration is Required