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Women's Ceremony ~ Reclaim your Voice

This ceremony is the 2nd of our 12 part series.
Come to one, come to all or as many as you like.

$40 or $32 with a LIV Membership 

Your voice is your own personal sound current. How and when you use it has great power.

HERstorically women have been taught to be kind, polite and quiet which has resulted in many of us losing part of our power, our voice and our creative birthright.

Conscious communication is both a skill and a practice that can be honed, strengthened and radically transformed.

In this ceremony we will be working primarily with the throat chakra. Creating freedom through expression without fear holding you back, clearing the blocks that prevent you from accessing the power of your personal sound current and you will practice using your voice to honor your experience, your needs and desires with radical honesty and clarity within a sacred container.

We will be using blue calcite which is a crystal that facilitates fluid communication and alleviates anxiety.

-a scarf or long piece of material you will write on
-Water bottle