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Women's Ceremony ~ Reclaim your Fire

This is the first of a 12 part ceremonial series for women to reclaim what has been lost, forgotten and giving away.

*You do not need to commit to all 12, you can come to one or as many as you want.

Led by Heather Nichols & Kara Seymour 

$40 or $32 with a LIV Membership 

This ceremony is for all women who are ready to set themselves free from the deep anger, resentment and heavy energies that have been lodged in our body-minds from both our personal HERstories & through epigenetic‘s that got passed down to us from all the women in our gene line. We carry that trauma in our genes and we can clear it.

After centuries of oppression, slavery, trauma and control, it is time to fully take back our power and ignite the fire, wisdom and passion within us and utilize that energy to fulfill our highest destiny and serve the highest good of humanity. The world needs us and we need each other to walk forward in sovereignty, intelligence and Grace and create the life that is calling us into expansion.

The time is now.

The place is here.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are breaking free from the illusion that we are not good enough and that we are “crazy” when we stand strong in our power and speak our truth.

In this two hour experience together we will be moving energy through our bodies with movement and sound and our own personal sound current (your voice), that holds the power to birth into existence a new way of being in the world and ultimately will contribute to the birthing of a new paradigm.

Along with movement and sound we will be working with healing properties of the carnelian crystal, mantra and meditation.

Pre-Registration is required

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