This practice is ongoing and you can start anytime


Practice in the comforts of your own home, with a powerful community of women.


If practicing yoga at home is what works best for you and your schedule, I want to invite you to join our online community of yoginis.

No prior yoga experience or flexibility required.  All body types, belief systems and women welcomed.

Monday through Friday I, Kara Seymour, teach a 30 minute Kundalini Yoga practice at 6 AM live in our private facebook group.  If you can’t make it live at 6 AM you can watch the recording at anytime that is convenient for you.

And you have access to the video archives since we began this group in July.

Each month there is a new focus and new Kundanlini Yoga practice. We do the same practice everyday for a month in order to dive deep and gain the benefits of repetition. And each month there are optional assignments to help deepen your practice of self psychology and Kundalini Yoga.


How do I get the most out of this practice? Practice every day. Join us live at 6am whenever possible because the live group energy and aura that is created is powerful, palpable and transformative. Set up a space in your house that you can use to practice in everyday and ideally at the same time every day.

I've never done any yoga or meditation before and I'm not flexible, and I have no idea what Kundalini Yoga is, can I still join? ABSOLUTELY!  Come as you are. Do your best. Be patient. Get ready for transformation. 

What if I sign up, try it out and find out it's not for me?  No worries, email me at info@livkundalini.com and I'll cancel your subscription and remove you from the facebook group.


Kundalini yoga is an accelerated pathway to healing. That means at times you will be feeling and dealing with old energies and emotions that are moving up and out of your body and may not always be the most comfortable. If you are willing to work with that, you will experience:

*Greater awareness

*Freedom from old patterns and habits that no longer serve you

*More energy in your body

*Greater clarity in your mind

*A stronger nervous system to handle life‘s ups and downs with more grace

*More prosperity, health and passion

*Deeper intimacy, harmony and acceptance in your relationships 

and the list goes on and on and on. 

BUT REMEMBER… This only happens if you show up and actually do the practice.


So if you are ready for change and up leveling all areas of your life, I invite you to come along on this journey.


*After you click on the link above to SIGN UP for this Online Practice, click on the link below and ask to join our private Facebook group


BONUS: with this monthly subscription you will also receive 20% off workshops, events and series held at LIV.


I am on this journey with you. Yes I am a teacher and first and foremost, I am a student. I have so much to learn and I’m excited to continue learning, absorbing and integrating this ancient yogic science and technology right alongside all of you!

I will be here to guide you.  And so will Theo, our wise fur baby doggy friend who you will get to know (and at times, Molly, Hazel & George....the cats)

I am committed to showing up consistently and authentically. I do not have all the answers and I will always do my best to find the answers that I do not know, as well as encourage you to find your own answers. 

If you have any questions please contact me (207) 233-0966 or info@livkundalini.com




This Online Practice will deliver high quality teaching with low tech production!

Streaming live straight from my home or school bus on my phone.

There will be times you'll hear my husband grinding coffee, my three kids coming in and out of the house (since they all live in their own tiny houses), Theodore barking to come in or whining to go out (although usually he likes to be a part of the practice...he's a bit of a camera hog lol).

So, in other words....this is real, raw and unedited!

On the occasional event that I could not make it live in the morning for some unforeseen situation, internet issues or travel plans, I will do my best to have one of the ladies in the group sub my classes or I will put up a post as soon as possible and you can practice with the previous day's recording.



Kara’s offerings and style of teaching are inspiring, heartfelt and full of pure Love and Light. The energy both in the studio and in the online women’s practice is intense - uplifting and transformational. She is no nonsense, encouraging commitment to myself and my community. If I can’t be a beacon of Light for others, how can I expect others to be that for me? On a global level she is showing us how we can change vibrations by raising up ourselves and all those around us. I can’t say it is easy work - you’ve got to dig deep into the shadows to uncover the light of Truth. But it is worth every bit of it.

Kara makes this practice totally accessible. Her LIV(e) Online Women’s Community has allowed me the luxury of doing yoga with a group of incredible women from the comfort of my own home. I have little kids and need to get to work early. For the first time in the 13 years I’ve been a yoga teacher and practitioner I have a solid daily yoga (pranayama, mantra and meditation) practice. I feel confident and secure in myself. I feel myself and those around me changing for the better every day. Even my 4 year old has started doing the practice with me!

I can’t say enough good things about Kara and this practice. Each time we do this together we become stronger - as individuals, as mothers, as fathers, as sisters and brothers, wives and husbands, friends, as human beings. Please join us!
— Jen Micelou
I am now in my 3rd month of doing the LIV(e) Online daily practice. My first month I needed to buy myself a mat, sit pillow, and another larger pillow to sit on. This helped me feel more comfortable and supports me during the practice. I LOVE this daily practice and the group of women I’m doing this with and Kara. I have noticed a change in how I feel, act, and respond in situations. I am calmer and I’m losing weight. I’m disappointed if I have to miss and day for the LIVE morning practice and work like hell to get it in later in the day. The practice is challenging and not discouraging, pushes me and supports me and helps me grow and feel proud that I am growing stronger each day. I looked for something for months that supports my lifestyle and this online practice is perfect and amazing. No judgment, no shame, do what you can in your house. It truly is awesome. I am so grateful I added this to my life.
— Laura Lowenthal Bly
Kara is amazing! She brings positivity, knowledge, and truth to everything she does! She meets people where they are and always willing to listen and help when needed. She is passionate about what she does and that’s a breathe of fresh air! I have recently been doing her Kundalini practice here on FB live, and in just eight days feel my whole being has shifted! Kara engages and loves what she does, which makes any experience with her fantastic!
— Janey Mac