How do I get started?   Come to class and have an experience. You can read books and watch videos but it's only in the participation of the practice that you will truly know Kundalini Yoga and it's benefits.

I've never done yoga or meditation before and I'm not flexible, can I still do this practice?  ABSOLUTELY! There are no levels in this practice. If you are in a human body no matter what physical or mental limitations you may be working with, you can do Kundalini Yoga. You may need to modify at times and that's ok.

What should I wear and bring to class?  You can wear whatever is comfortable for you or whatever you happen to be wearing that day (no you do not have to wear white).  Bring a water bottle.  We have a filtered water station and yoga mats & props, although we recommend bringing your own mat if you have one.

How often should I practice?   Ideally, daily. That doesn't mean you have to come to the studio daily and...the more consistently you practice, the greater the benefits and the more accelerated your healing journey will be.  We recommend coming to 2 plus classes a week and ask one of the teachers for a short simple practice that you can do at home on the days you do not go to LIV.