dōTERRA = Gift of the Earth


Do you need to be an essential oil expert to start sharing oils and building your business? NO

Do you need to fall in love with the oils, products and the company to be successful in your business?  YES




Are you interested in creating financial freedom and time freedom?

Do you have a desire to make a positive impact on the world?

Do you want to be your own boss and simultaneously be part of a powerful community of like minded people committed to healing themselves and the world?

Do you have a desire to help others?




If you're anything like me you want health, joy, flexibility and financial freedom. This is not a get rich quick business opportunity but.... it is a get rich in time with dedication, commitment and desire to help others kind of business. This is a direct pathway to financial abundance if you're willing to put in the time and energy.

How much time and at what pace you move, is completely up to you....(more freedom). This journey is about collaboration, not competition....we are all in this together! 

One of the most beautiful parts about this journey is that you get to be in service to your friends, family, community and people around the world, to help them find natural plant based solutions for their health concerns and goals and partner with other amazing people to grow your business with! 

If you are interested in personal development, leadership, and a wellness lifestyle, contact me to learn more and we'll set up a time to connect.

One of my mentors often says, "Building a successful business in dōTERRA is not easy, but it's simple." This statement is so TRUE!  With this company and this business model, you do not have to reinvent the wheel, the steps are all laid out, the systems are all in place and the support and education is abundant and FREE.

The opportunities are infinite.

I am so in love with my business, my team and the entire dōTERRA culture and community!  And I'm excited to partner with self motivated, passionate, teachable go getters.

If this sounds like you, contact me



Kara Seymour inspires is as true as it gets. I was first introduced to the oils and Kara on a yoga retreat in Nicaragua. The trip offered many opportunities for me to break down, release, and discover a new solution. Many of these solutions were the oils as I suffered from food poisoning in an airport, sun poisoning and an extreme heat rash that made me feel on fire for a couple days. Peppermint, digestzen, and deep blue soothed me. Although I had some experiences with network marketing, the decision to get the oils was one of necessity. I saw how I was able to provide for my body naturally! These products spoke to me. Kara spoke to me. Now, working with Kara, doing doTERRA as a business, I find even more love and support from the products and Kara. I am given a clear sense of what actions can bring me success and that direction is provided with nurturing support. I am daily reminded of my passion and drive simply by connecting with Kara. She is a powerhouse and I feel blessed to have her leading me. How lucky are we to use these gifts from nature with the ability to share! Thank you Kara for always being there for me and constantly being a driving force!
— Sara Fay
Kara is real. She is authentic and it’s her ability to be authentic that is attractive. She holds space for herSELF and as a result, for her team members, to be herSELF (or himSELF). I know I can show up as I am, and this in incredibily allowing and inclusive. Kara is clear. She offers guidance and support to so many. She strives to serve all and allows her team members to be where they are, and make choices.
Kara shows up with phone calls and opportunities to gather as part of a group, or individually. Kara makes speace for connection and is able to balance friendship and business partnership with honesty, openness, integrity, and authenticity.
Saying yes to an international trip, co-facilitated by Kara, has had a huge impact on my life. Kara created space and opportunity for me join the trip. On that trip I met new friends, found soul-sisters, created business partners. I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils and the integrity of consciously approaching networking marketing to support and empower others.
— Lauren Archambault