Kara Seymour

Kara Seymour (Liv Anand Kaur), has been on a personal quest of self discovery, creative living and transformation for as long as she can remember.

Kara is a community builder by nature and has a passion for creating high vibrational healing spaces for people to connect, collaborate and practice.

LIV is Kara’s third yoga studio and the culmination of her life’s work thus far as an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, healer, and multi passionate creative being.

After 15 years of practicing different forms of Hatha Yoga and becoming bored, stagnant and uninspired in her practice, her prayers were answered and Kundalini Yoga and her teacher, Guru Jagat found her.

Kara got the instant cosmic download that she had been preparing her whole life to both practice Kundalini Yoga, as well as to share these profoundly impactful and effective teachings with her community and with the world.

Kara is beyond blessed to be opening up the doors to LIV in the beginning of the summer and welcoming in everyone who has a desire or curiosity to practice the ancient yogic science and technology of Kundalini Yoga and/or experience other incredible events that will take place at the studio.


Kelly Londot 

Kelly Londot  (Amara Dev Kaur) is a devoted artist and yogi. She has found that two go hand in hand. When our energy is clear and circulating creativity is a natural byproduct. Art and yoga have been a part of her life from early on, but when Kundalini Yoga cane in to her life in 2008 while living in Florida she was hooked. After studying with a teacher in Florida, years later went on to do a 500 hour teacher training in Kundalini yoga with Ana Bret and Ravi Singh.  She sees Kundalini yoga as a way to break through negativity and fear and live a more meaningful authentic life. When you learn to ignite your inner fire and live boldly in this world nothing can stop you. That is the energy she is looking to share with you through the movement breathe and mantra that is so unique to Kundalini Yoga.  She is passionate that this yogic technology is the key to living more radiantly in this modern world.

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Dub Dietrich

Dub Dietrich (Sat Raj Singh) was drawn to spirituality at a young age, as evidenced from a research paper he penned on “Transcendental Meditation” in 5 th grade. Since that “weird stuff” wasn’t what the “cool” kids were interested in, he pushed those thoughts away and went along with the popular flow.  After years of struggling with whom he was and why he was on this planet, he found his answer. With much encouragement from his wife (a 17 year Kundalini practitioner and teacher), he finally gave in and sat down for a Kundalini meditation during a very stressful period in his life.

The second time he did Kirtan Kriya, he had an “opening,” experienced a level of peace that had been eluding him for years and knew that he had found his path. Since he had an education/profession as a scientist, it was the science of Kundalini that was the real draw for him. He experienced the fact that Kundalini was a dynamic practice that unifies the physical and the spiritual to awaken one to their full potential, but there was also an explanation of how and why Kundalini Yoga works so quickly on issues concerning the mind, body and soul.

This made him delve deeper and deeper into the practice to see where it would lead (and to see if he could find a flaw in the practice – none found yet). That search eventually led him to teacher training in Rishikesh India, where The Beatles found enlightenment 50 years ago, and to his teacher - Gurmukh (with whom he shares a birthday). His thirst for spirituality and knowledge can’t be satiated. He is most grateful for this practice as it has given him clarity, a new sense of awareness, the ability to feel deep compassion, the power to “not re-act” and the opportunity to share the light of these teachings that have profoundly shaped and changed his life. He finds joy in sharing the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan, serving others and traveling the world to experience new cultures. Sat Nam

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Tania Zuckerman

Tania Zuckerman's long-time interest in meta-physical and philosophical studies brought her to explore many holistic pursuits to find more joy and peace including meditation, yoga and sacred ceremony. But it was in 1994, when she first experienced an Integrative Breathwork session that the course of her personal and professional life changed.

Facilitating hundreds of clients in Sacred Breathwork Journeys since 2005, Tania continues to be a master in the field of Breathwork. She is also a Registered Yoga Instructor, Somatic Breath Therapist, Reiki Level II Practitioner, an Earth Circle Ceremony Guide, and has continued studies in Hardwiring Happiness through the work of Dr. Rick Hansen.

Tania brings her years of personal and professional experience and a deep compassionate soulful presence to help her clients return “home”.