Our philosophy at LIV is based on 3 fundamental principals;  Lead, Serve & Practice.


Become the leader of your own life.


Be generous with your time and energy and share with others your unique gifts that you are here to give.


Whether your practice is Kundalini Yoga or not, a daily spiritual practice gives you a foundation upon which you can navigate life with more energy, ease, grace, grit and authenticity. 

No prior yoga experience, flexibility or spandex required...come exactly as you are.

Kundalini Yoga has changed my life. For me, the mantras have been an elegant solution to inner turmoil, stress and anxiety. They bring me to a place of deep inner peace, often bringing tears of profound gratitude.

It didn’t take long before I started to notice that our breath work has changed the way I breath! My regular breathing goes deeper, it’s more energizing and restorative. It’s also much easier to establish a supportive rhythm while doing cardio.

The physical aspects of Kundalini Yoga are challenging indeed! I do my best to meet these challenges with all I’ve got. With repetition and determination I become stronger every day....not just physically, but in all ways.
— Kathy Ward LeBrun